Are you looking for a new Sony KDL46HX729 TV or not

Are you looking for a new Sony KDL46HX729 TV or not

Are you looking for a new Sony KDL46HX729 TV or not
Media Player TV today, I have instructions for it. TV is looking for some kind of screen or other people known as Sony KDL46HX729 LCD or LED, a very attractive features. But not explained well. The secret to this day, I would say to each other. Features that are common to Connect Share Movie, which is available on the Samsung Series 4,5,6 and 7 to know what’s interesting. I suggest that we will not. The one word that you do not miss!
Samsung TV Series.

Samsung TV has a lot of variety. And all have different features. But one feature that I discovered. And search for it. The Sony KDL46HX729 TV can play the file types. Without having to purchase additional equipment. And then I found the test itself, that is, the features of the Samsung via USB port, called Connect Share Movie.
Features Connect Share Movie.

Playback of music files.
Supports playback.
Support for video playback.

With this feature. We can play music files through Flash Drive / USB Harddisk without having to purchase additional equipment based media player that I just bought a TV that has this feature. We will make cost savings of up to. Several thousand things.

Do not forget to buy Sony KDL46HX729 TV time to ask the seller before me.

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